Mech Wars FAQ

To join the game:

Go to and choose the "Signup" link at the bottom of the page.

To play the game:

Go to and log in.

To join Wolfpack clan:

According to Shaka, "Hmmm Mag....I crossed my arms.....Blinked my eyes....nodded my head...and then presto!!!! The Phelan had already done it for me!! :)"

More information on this topic later.

To get defense:

Using Hotline client, go to, no login/password necessary. There will generally be at least one Wolfpack MW player here who may be able to help you. In addition, post a note in the game's clan discussion board, noting how many units are attacking you, your attacker's eta to you, your attacker's coordinates, your coordinates, your available defensive profile, and the time of arrival in Mech Wars time. All this information will help clan members defend you with the most efficiency.