Out of the Barrier
Alric has been rescued, and now it's up to the Five Champions to escort him safely to the top of a mesa where he can muster enough magic to teleport them out of harm's cradle.

Captain's Notes

I started out the mission with the objective of exploring the whole map in mind, just to make sure I finished with at least four Myth Master laws; even after two years away from TFL, I still remembered the peskiness of the Ghôls on this level. The key to surviving the Ghôl charges is to get as many of them as possible to come at your from around the corner of a hill. If you can anticipate the Ghôl approach you can meet their charge with a Dwarf cocktail, or better yet, a cocktail and a satchel.

There is a "Bow of Stoning" available on this level along the southern edge of the map. I used a Berserk to trigger and lure the bow's cadre of Ghôl guards to territory where my forces had the advantage. The bow itself fires an arrow that will petrify its target. I didn't find the bow very useful, but it was fun to find a unique item.

Most of the enemy forces on this level play the Myth equivalent of a football zone defense. If you're in their zone, they come at you. If you leave their zone, they return to their posts. I used this to my advantage by keeping my units near the edges of the zones. A missile unit can step into a zone to trigger its force, attack the enemies as they approach, then step out of the zone at the last second to make the enemies withdraw, attacking them as they retreat.

— Magellan
Mission date:
 March 14, 2001

Mission time:

Objectives met:
 Myth Master Challenge

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