Ambush at Devil's Overlook
The snowy winter spells a stalemate at Bagrada. Dwarves look for respite with an ambush on some lost Soulless.

Captain's Notes

Using a strategy supplied by *Ar-Isildur, Magellan and I completed Ambush at Devil's Overlook in a speedy three minutes fifteen seconds. Magellan took on the role of a pyrotechnic, setting up a large amount of satchel charges while I handled the Zerks, luring the horde of Soulless over the satchel field. When they were in position Magellan bombed the edge of the field sending skulls and spears flying.
— Scooter

Player's Notes

Very effective use of demolitions!

— Magellan

Mission date:
 March 21, 2001

Mission time:

Objectives met:
 Myth Master Challenge

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