A Traitor's Grave
The Mayor of Otter Ferry is planning to sell out to the Dark side, and a small force is sent to silence him before he gets his chance.

Captain's Notes

No Captain's Notes for this mission at this time.

Players' Notes

Never let a dorf lead the charge when the order in which you kill things is important ;)
— Shaka

This game reminded me of the "Late Night Wolf Pack" days. Our captain went afk for most of the game, Shaka and BLOOD GOD exchanged a good bit of amusing banter, and our observer, Mr. No Name (a.k.a. former Wolfpack member SheepCow), proved once again the madness of his spelling skills. It was indeed a late night Wolfpack game and indeed there was "coughee" being ingested.

As a side note, Shaka was hosting off a brand-spanking fresh install of TFL and was playing without wearing his order tag. This was psychologically devastating to me since it meant this film would become the first to break our proud WP-wearing tradition in WPLNC. But in true form, I did not realize the source of my stormy emotions until halfway through the game.

— Magellan

Observer's Notes

"The wulrus contuines to strive with a compelling victory throughout myth..." (New York Times)

— SheepCow

Mission date:
 March 23, 2001

Mission time:

Objectives met:
 Myth Master Challenge

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