Heart of the Stone
Light forces, trapped by Soulblighter inside the Tain, struggle to find a way back to the world.

Captain's Notes

Inspired by Zedo's recent successes on The Siege of Madrigal and Homecoming, I put on my "Think Different" cap and gave a crack at this mission, and I almost finished it LNC.

The key is patience, moving slowly, and traveling with ample melee escort at all times. There are a few times when you need to rush your targets, but most of the time if you retreat immediately, some spiders will appear and help you, oddly enough, by attacking your attackers.

It turns out in the end I took some casualties when what appears to be the final spider ambush nailed all my archers. But in that moment I was not following my own advice of traveling with escort, so maybe I deserved it.

Otherwise, this mission shows a pretty solid plan that should someday lead to a WPLNC. For now, though, it's good enough to be a five-law Myth Master Challenge film.

— Magellan
Mission date:
 March 28, 2001

Mission time:

Objectives met:
 Myth Master Challenge

Download film (.zip)

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