The Wolfpack Oldskool Challenge

Be the first Alpha Wolf on your block with your own copy of Myth III
which you didn't have to buy or steal or permanently borrow from someone!

As we anticipate the release of Myth III, what better way to get back into the game than to combine Myth's past and Myth's future into one kickass contest.

The challenge

Relive the past and fulfill Wolfpacks Destiny. Wolfpack currently needs to finish 13 levels of Myth: The Fallen Lords to complete the Myth Master Challege. The winner of the Wolfpack Oldskool Challenge will be the person who does the most to help us achieve our goal.

The rules

To score points you must be a Wolfpack member who completes one the 13 levels of Myth TFL that Wolfpack still needs to finish, and you must complete it while following at least four of the Mythmaster Laws:

  1. Law One: Start the game in cooperative mode. Number of players is irrelevant, one will do. This is so that you can't save your game, thus requiring that much more skill and style.

  2. Law Two: Veterans are not allowed. Uncheck the "Veterans Allowed" box in the Options screen of your co-op games, and start solo games from the level you are mastering.

  3. Law Three: Play on Legendary difficulty.

  4. Law Four: Kill everything (including villagers and wildlife). There are exceptions to this rule, such as enemies which disappear before you have a chance to kill them. For example, Soulblighter on "Flight From Covenant".

  5. Law Five: Take no casualties. There are exceptions to this rule, such as where some of your units are supposed to die in the game. For example, your scouting party on "Forest Heart"

  6. Law Six: Explore everywhere. Show any secrets or easter eggs, and every corner of the map.

  7. Law Seven: Show style. A Myth Master can't simply stand back and hide from the AI, boring the viewer. A Myth Master must entertain those who watch his or her films. However,this does not mean mindless kamikaze. Maneuvering the enemy into a helpless position and bombarding them with molotovs just as stylish as a colossal melee, or destroying several Trow with a small party of archers.

What it comes down to is basically six laws. You cannot declare your own film to "show style" and thus observe Law Seven. Only the Myth Master people can award your film with Law Seven. As you can imagine, they have seen a lot of films, and they know what they are looking for. What may be impressive to you may be a rerun to them. So work on four of the first six laws when producing your Myth Master effort.

One additional note difficulty has to be normal or higher, no timids or simples will be counted.

For a list of maps that need to be completed click here. All the levels in red need to be completed.

The Scoring

The first team or person to submit an acceptable film for a level will be awarded 4 points. There will also be bonus points to the person or team that complete "Zedo's bonus levels" What are Zedo's bonus levels? Well at the end of the contest 2 levels will be selected at random and the person/team that completed those levels will be awarded 15 bonus points each. So the more levels that you have completed successfully the better the chance you have of getting the bonus points. Only the first team to turn in an acceptaple film score points. 1 additional point per level will be awarded if the film qualifies as a WPLNC film. (played with more tham one person, ledg, no-cas)

The Reward

What does this contest have to do with the future? Well, the prize, of course. The person who collects the most points will win a copy of Myth III: The Wolf Age. And that winner will be dubbed our order's next Alpha Wolf, an honor and title held by an elite few.

It's as simple as that, so get crackin' folks. And may the best Wolf win.

© 2001 Zedo Tournaments Unlimited, LLLLP

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