Wolfpack Legendary No Casualties (WPLNC)

The saga continues! After Wolfpack successfully completed Myth II's cooperative missions on Legendary difficulty and taking no casualties, cooperative Mything has never been the same for any of us. Wolfpack's now infamous cry of "LNC" now embodies the standard by which we measure a map's quality as well as our own abilities.

The WPLNC campaign was born in Myth II, but now the challenge extends into Chimera, Myth II third-party plugins (3PLNC), and of course Myth:TFL. In all arenas, the rules remain simple and unambiguous: Wolfpack members play cooperative missions on Legendary, and then win while taking no casualties.

This is Wolfpack's Myth:TFL mission list. Click on the mission title to view the level's profile at myth.bungie.org. Click on the mission captain to view Wolfpack's mission journal. If you have completed a mission and want to add it to the list, e-mail the film to Magellan.

Mission Team Date Mission Time
Crow's Bridge Scooter
20 Mar 01  
A Traitor's Grave Scooter
23 Mar 01 28:10
The Siege of Madrigal Zedo
25 Mar 01  
Flight from Covenant      
Force Ten from Stoneheim      
Ambush at Devil's Overlook Scooter
21 Mar 01 3:15
The Five Champions Ar-Isildur
20 Mar 01  
Out of the Barrier      
Shadow of the Mountain      
Seven Gates      
Forest Heart      
Heart of the Stone      
The Smiths of Muirthemne      
Sons of Myrgard      
A Long Awaited Party      
The Road North      
Across the Gjol      
The Watcher      
River of Blood      
Pools of Iron      
The Last Battle      
The Great Devoid      

Team members in bold indicate mission captains. The date listed indicates the day the mission was successfully completed LNC.

Please note any mission that qualifies for WPLNC also qualifies for the Myth Master Challenge and will also appear in Wolfpack's Myth Master Challenge listings. The reason for the double listing is that while all WPLNC films qualify as Myth Master films, the same is not true the other way around. Myth Master uses a different set of criteria and it is entirely possible that a Wolfpack member will complete a Myth Master film which will not qualify for WPLNC.

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