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Wolfpack Leadership Council

The Wolfpack Leadership Council (WPLC) is a group of Wolfpack members charged with maintaining the health of the entire order. WPLC was founded in the spring of 1999, during a time when the order was going through a general reorganization, as well as preparing for Myth World Cup 99. WPLC's predecessor was the Wolfpack Leaderboard, which no longer exists.

WPLC ensures Wolfpack thrives in the following ways:

  1. WPLC discusses general issues about orderwide activities, and implements plans to make sure those activities happen in a fun, successful, and fruitful way. In the past, WPLC has provided the organizational backbone in Wolfpack's participation in MWC99. WPLC also came up with the idea of running occasional intraorder tournaments, including the popular first effort known as Wild and Wooly. WPLC has also provided the leadership necessary to maintain Wolfpack's extensive set of member resources, including this web site, the mailing list, and Wolfpack Hotline. In short, anything good about Wolfpack probably had some kind of help getting that way with nurturing from the WPLC.

  2. WPLC serves as the gateway for Myth II players wishing to join Wolfpack. WPLC helps orient candidates to the way Wolfpack works, and what it means to be a Wolfpack member. WPLC also decides who joins Wolfpack, as well as who doesn't.

  3. WPLC upholds Wolfpack's Code of Conduct by receiving complaints from the bungie.net community regarding any member. WPLC follows-up on all complaints, takes the necessary action, and makes public its enforcement activities.

  4. WPLC upholds the rights of its members to enjoy Myth II free from abuse from lamers. WPLC pursues complaints from its members who may be on the receiving end of harassing, threatening, embarrassing, distressing, or uncomfortable actions from another bungie.net user. WPLC works with bungie.net admins to make sure such abuse does not go unanswered.

  5. WPLC is a decision-making body without an established model. WPLC's decision-making process is informal and exploratory. Its members act on a understanding that they represent the will of the membership, but the process is admittedly not democratic and council members' decisions are their own. Every resolution brought before the council requires unanimous agreement for action. This leadership environment is possible only with a people who share maturity and similar vision, and thus far such is the case in WPLC.

  6. WPLC measures its effectiveness by the prosperity of the order, not by the number of decisions it can make or by the sway of its own authority. You will find WPLC members extremely nonchalant about their role as leaders, but behind the scenes they are diligent in keeping the order running smoothly.

Here's a list of current members serving on WPLC, and their term in service:

  • DoomBringer

  • Dragon

  • Magellan

  • Shaka
    [5/27/99-9/30/99; 1/28/00-present]

  • Zedo
  • Those who have served:

    • Phelan

    • Sir Parson

    Members are appointed to WPLC for open-ended terms that last as long as is appropriate.

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