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SilverBrin's problem

Dear Wolfpack,

I have been having great difficulty sleeping and last night was the worst. It is Myth and Wolfpack related I am afraid to say. I will explain what happened last night and countless nights before.

I am laying in bed very tired when I hear a scurrying of something around my bed. I (not daring to move) listen more closely. I discover that when the scurrying stops, I hear a click. The click of a satchel being laid by a Ghol on my floor. Around and around the Ghol circles my bed laying satchel after satchel. I bury my head under the covers, peeping out to see the tip of the Ghol's head and his blade bobbing around my bed clockwise ... always clockwise.

I reason with myself. I think nervously, "There are no matches nor lighters in my bedroom I have nothing to fear." "He will go away in the morning." But I know he won't. I shut my eyes trying to ignore the click of each individual satchel charge being placed around my bed. Just before I am about to burst, the noise stops and the Ghol is gone. I am quite relieved.

As I almost doze off, I am interrupted by the unmistakably evil laugh of a dwarf coming from inside my closet. I again think to myself, "He surely won't see the pile off satchels surrounding my bed." But I know he will. After a few tense moments, I the door of my closet squeaks open. Then I hear the dwarf laugh as he chucks a moltov next to by bed on top of the satchels. I jump out of bed and run down to the computer room as the satchels detonate in a deafening roar.

I slam the computer room door shut only to see that Bungie.net is up and running and Wolfpack is on. Late Night Wolfpack! As I glance out the window I see the full moon gleaming. As I enter the game Wp hosts, my hands begin to thicken with hair and I feel a twinge in my back. I pay no attention, trying to win the game. I begin to drool on the keyboard as I see the blood from the limbs on the screen blown up by others. Suddenly Dalron kills me and I prance around the room howling and growling and breaking things. I log off in despair.

I go back to my bedroom hoping to get some sleep before I break something else. As I pass the bedroom mirror I see he hair on my back and the disappearing stub of a tail protruding from my pink striped boxers. I lay in bed (the pieces of mattress and boxsprings left from the explosion) very tired. I pile the feathers from my burnt pillows into a headrest as I lay on the steaming bed.

When I wake up in the morning the bed and my room are repaired! I waltz into the computer room to log on to Myth when I hear the stomping of a Trow! It slams open the door and yells, "What was all that noise last night Brian!" It is my mother! I tell her the story of the Ghol and my tail but she never believes me. This happens to many times. Wolfpack HELP ME!

          Sincerely and Tiredly,