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You are probably thinking to yourselves, "Oh God, another one Of Silver's screwed up dreams that is long and pointless". YOU ARE WRONG. I am telling you a vision that I saw with my own eyes subconsciously that is. I dropped my Myth II CD and as I picked it up, I smacked my head off the computer desk and the events that follow are my exact thoughts and experiences as I lay unconscious ...

A flash of a poor village, a gigantic castle towering endlessly beyond the village, an invincible army of darkness. They called themselves simply The Dark Army. They ruled all the lands discovered at this point. The ruled with such authority that the mere mention of them sent a shiver down even the boldest of men. The Dark Army had colonized all known lands. Since no one would dare to even mention a rebellion the army had no need to guard or protect. The whole army stayed in their castle only coming out to plunder and steal. At this point, Soulblighter and Alric were young kind children who often played tennis together.

The ruler of this vastness and the one who sat in the black throne in the gigantic castle was Visor III with his trusted fetch servant Cyrus. One day Visor III decided to have a picnic, a dark evil picnic on the bridge. "Fetch me a dark blanket that I may lay my black picnic baskets on" cried Visor to his fetch servant Cyrus. "Um thats your favorite blanket sir" said Cyrus. "I know you fool thats why I want it, get it" snapped Visor. Cyrus shrugged and went into the next room. He saw the blanket folded neatly on the table. He remembered the words echoing in his head "Fetch My Blanket". He shrugged again and from his withered finger tips came the great lightning only fetch could spout. He nodded in approval of his work but noticed that the table had caught fire, then the curtains, soon the whole room. He walked quickly back to Visor's throne. "Why don't you have my blanket" cried Visor. "The room is on fire" spoke Cyrus shakily. "Oh for heavens sake, fetch me my poor wife before she is burnt to a crisp"

"But, my lord"

"DO IT..fetch her now, I don't want her around the fire you idiot."

"As you wish" said Cyrus, incredibly confused

"Oh...one more thing, get a trow to stomp out the fire."

Cyrus ran to the maidens room and once again spouted his magic. She was ashes now on the floor . She was always so nice to me thought Cyrus. He wanted me to fetch her though.

"Where is My wife, is she safe?"

"No, she is ashes now on the floor..."

"She is dead..Ashes?"

"Yes my lord, all on the floor, afew bloody limbs left"

"I see, fetch me a wight, forget the trow"

Visor wanted a wight to throw what was left of her useless body deep into the moat for the alligators.

"Just Do IT"

"Yes My lord right away"

Cyrus walked down to the cafeteria. It was the wight's lunch time and they were eating delightfully. All three hundred and forty two of them to be exact. For the last time Cyrus brought his hands up and picked out a wight that was in the middle of a Dark delectable danish. A lunch time for that many wights took almost a month, you know how slow wights are. The lightning came once more. A tremendous boom and a roar of explosions could be heard all about the land. The dark Army had been utterly destroyed completely and the castle was a rubble of stones and skulls and pus packets. The dark army's body parts were scattered all around the land. Then Soulblighter and Alric rose and became young Co-rulers, but that is another vision.

That is what I saw in my vision. When I awoke the Cd was in it's case but I had a bump on my head. Thank you for listening to my vision.