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Today's 'Emp' and the meaning of 'all your base'

If you want to be an emp today
the first thing you must do,
is to get eight different bungie.net accounts
and download World War II.

Then you'll join a lamer clan,
and unimap galore ...
so that you may show, and let all know,
you're a Raid and World War II whore.

You dummy and you alt-tab,
and hack prefs with defiance,
because you know you'll never blow;
you OWN with Myrkridian Giants!

You've played 300 games or so,
it's only been a day ...
with your happy little lord,
for the emp you don't delay!

You're joining games like crazy, yelling,
"I rule and you all Suck."
But when the challenge arises,
you drop, saying, "LAG WTF?!"

Despite the fact you can't play Myth,
your points accumulate.
Instead of playing for fun and honor,
you play in rage and hate =(

Finally you're an emp now,
with a growing list of kills.
You are the king of lamerz,
and you have mad myrkgiant skills!

Hah! you're in the top one hundred,
what could your challenge be?
Hmm, how about some order games,
Look there's WP!

You play a series of games with them ...
a day you shant forget!
You went 0 and 10, with an order ...
you wish you hadn't met.

My God you cannot kill them,
or annoy them with slandered cuss,
now you know the meaning of,
"All your skeelz are belong to us"