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Wolves want modems, too ...
This is our link farm. Wolves are not usually the farming type, but the nature of the web forces all of us to partake in a little digital agriculture.

Our links are listed by subject, then alphabetically. Now get your hands off the turnips!

Myth community

The Mill
The wayward haunt for downloading Myth II plugins.

More Than Seven Gates
The web site that aspires to be the ultimate Myth link farm. Another Clan Plaid site™.

Myth II Solo Level Walkthrough
Magellan's guide gets 2,000 page views a month and has been republished by happypuppy.com.

Myth @ Bungie.Org
This is a hard-core Myth web site. It generates new content regularly about both Myth TFL and Myth II. Example of recently posted content: features that didn't make it into Myth TFL ...

Myth Townhall
Myth Townhall leaves no corner of Myth life unexplored. Be it news, tournaments, maps, you name it, Townhall has content on it. Another Clan Plaid site™.


This group represents the new generation makers of high-calibre maps. Some of the most interesting third party maps to have been recently brought to life have come from this group.

Cydonian's Map-Making Tutorials
From the author of Pleasant Valley Sunday and Worlds Collide.

Model Makers of Muirthemne
These are the people who bring you wall pieces and peasant cavalry.

Myth Townhall Maps and Plugins Forum
Another Clan Plaid site™.

Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Myth II Mapmaking
Magellan's guide for first-time cartographers.

Terra Incognita
King Friday's map-making resource and your place to find the good-looking and fun maps "The Rock" and "To Kill a Mockingbird."

Colormap Tutorial 101
By Gandalf of MoR.

Guide to Single Player Scripting
By Ares of MoR.

The Tolkein Map Project
This should prove to be interesting if it gets off the ground.

Unknown author's tutorial
The author of this tutorial is so modest, he/she/it decided to put his/her/its name nowhere on any of the web pages.

Unsupported Myth II Tools Support Page
Another one of Bungie's corporate web page with some good links for mapmakers.

The Vista Map Cartel
More than just a great mapmaker's site, Vista has some news and puffy bits. The main areas include a map collection, a forum, and a tips area.

Wolfpack member sites

Wolfpack members not only game online, they do other things, like publish online. Here's some links. If you want your web site linked, send your URL and web site info to the webmaster.

Monkey-san's Star Wars web site is going to knock your socks off with a flood of multimedia. Crank up your speakers!


City High School Wolf Project
Students in City High School's Environmental Analysis class studied two years of radio telemetry data from radio-collared wolves in Superior National Forest in northern Minnesota.

International Wolf Center
IWC supports the survival of the wolf around the world by teaching about its life, its association with other species, and its relationship with humans.

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