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These are the official rules of the MillenniOni tournament. No other rules posted anywhere else override the rules outlined and described here.


MillenniOni is a Wolfpack Myth II Marathon Tournament. It is designed to bring back memories of the time when we played Myth II to the exclusion of all other activities in life.

Tournament time frame

The MillenniOni tournament runs from January 5 through January 28. Final scores will be announced sometime on January 31.

Who can play

MillenniOni is open to three groups of people. The first group consists of all Wolfpack Myth II members. The second group consists of Wolfpack Planetarion members. The third group consists of friends of Wolfpack who have been invited to participate.

A Wolfpack Myth II member is defined as any Wolfpack member who is in Myth II subclan WP1, WP2, or WP3 as defined by bungie.net, and who also has a Myth II player profile listed on any Wolfpack web site. Members who do not satisfy these requirements may become eligible to play by submitting a profile and/or getting reassigned to one of the three subclans. Contact Magellan to do this.

A Wolfpack Planetarion member is anyone listed as a "Friend" on the Wolfpack Planetarion Planet Registry.

A friend of Wolfpack is anyone who has been invited to participate by a Wolfpack Myth II member. Each Wolfpack Myth II member can invite up to two people from outside Wolfpack. A tournament official can invite an unlimited number of people from outside Wolfpack. Wolfpack members with the ability to invite others are strongly encouraged to not invite people who are going to bicker, complain, cheat, and otherwise take fun out of playing the game. All invitees must have their names submitted by the Wolfpack Myth II member to a tournament official prior to the invitees participation in the tournament.

How to play

Tournament participants play with and against each other in any game on any map. Games include FFA, team, and co-op. FFA participants may play solo or they may play with other players as a team. Co-op participants may play in single-player mode or in cooperative mode.

Regardless of who teams with who, all scores are applied toward the individual records of the players on a team, and not to a team record, of which there are none. At the end of the tournament, the participant with the most points wins the grand prize. The Wolfpack member who ends the tournament with the most points is bestowed with the honor of Alpha Wolf. If the winner of the tournament is also a Wolfpack member, then that person gets both the grand prize and the Alpha Wolf title.

How to play solo

Players who wish to play solo do so by playing tournament games with no teammates.

How to form a team

Players who wish to play as a team buddy up with one or more than one other player. Please note that when a player is part of a team, any scoring is applied to the individual records of the players on that team, and not to the team. Players may create as many teams as they wish, any time they like. Participants are encouraged to team up with different players. Players are discouraged from forming unnecessary teams that allow its participants to unfairly leech points from a game.

Who can host a tournament game

Any player eligible to play in this tournament can host games for this tournament.

How to host a tournament game

Tournament game hosts can host a tournament game on an IP address, on bungie.net, or on a LAN. Neutral hosts are allowed.

All multiplayer netgames (FFA and team games) must have a time limit of at least 6 minutes long. An FFA game must have at least four starts occupied, and only by eligible tournament participants. A two-team game may be played on any map regardless of whether the map was originally designed to be a two-team map or an FFA map. Any game type available on a map may be chosen. The game must have a player limit of 16 players, but the host can put a Wolfpack game password on the game to ensure that only eligible players can enter the game. The host can enable teams if some players wish to play on teams. Any other game option (difficulty, planning, trading, overhead, veterans, alliances, deathmatch) is acceptable if everyone playing agrees.

Co-op games may be played in single-player mode if desired. Please note the scoring rules for single-player co-op games.

Maps eligible for play

Any Myth II map is eligible for play. If the map is a third-party plugin, the players who used the plugin are responsible for uploading a copy of it to Wolfpack Hotline so that tournament officials have it at the time of the film review. If the tournament officials do not have access to a working version of the plugin via Wolfpack Hotline at the time of the film review, that particular film will be deemed unviewable and disqualified.

Accommodating observers

Observers may be allowed at the discretion of the host. Observer must chat-yell "observer" within the first minute of the game (including planning time). If an observer does not announce they are an observer within the specified timeframe, or it the observer takes units at any time during the game, the game is subject to disqualification.

How games are scored

Games are scored on a point system. There are three systems of scoring. The first is the FFA scoring system. The second is the two-team scoring system. The third is the cooperative scoring system. Points won in any of these three systems are accumulated in a player's individual score.

On FFA games (games where players occupy more than two starting positions), players placing in the top three spots in a game receive points. The postgame stats will be used to determine how players place in a game. A first place earns 5 points. A second place earns 3 points. A third place earns 1 point. In the event of ties, each player tying for a certain spot will receive full points for placing in that spot. These points are added to the players' individual score. Once a player receives points for winning an FFA game, those points can never be lost by losing in some other game. In the event every solo player or team in a game ties for first place, no one in the game will receive any points for that game. The game will be declared a "No Point Game" and listed in the NPG column of the standings and no points will be awarded.

On two-team games, points will be awarded in the following way: on the winning team, the captain earns 5 points, and each other member of the team earns 3 points. On the losing team, the captain earns one point, and each other member of the team earns 0 points. Once a player receives points for winning a two-team game, those points can never be lost by losing in some other game. In the event of a tie, no one in the game will receive any points for that game. The game will be declared a "No Point Game" and listed in the NPG column of the standings and no points will be awarded.

In cooperative games, points will be awarded only at the conclusion of the tournament to the players who hold the best film per mission. A best film is defined as a successful win on a level played at the hardest difficulty, in the fastest time, and with the fewest casualties, in relation to all other film submissions. Best film will be ranked first by difficulty, then by time, then by use of veterans, then by casualties. Players who submit films played in single player mode where time is not recorded will have their films rated with an infinite time. In the extremely unlikely event that a tie for best film exists after all evaluations, the judges will award the win to the team with more players. At any given time during the tournament, the stats of the current best film will be posted on the standings page so that challengers may attempt a new best film. Each best film is worth 15 points to the team captain and 10 points to each other mission member.

For total scores, ties will be decided in the following manner: points accumulated in FFA will be considered more valuable than points accumulated in two-team. Points accumulated in two-team will be considered more valuable than points accumulated in cooperative.

How to submit a game for scoring

All players should save films of the tournament games they play. These films should be saved from the postgame screen so that date and time are displayed on the film document.

In the event a tournament official is in the game, the game can be scored on the spot from the postgame screen and no film submission is necessary as long as the official saves the film.

If no official is present, one player in the game should be designated as the person who will submit films, so as to avoid duplicate submissions. Films should be submitted with the date and time on the film document. Films should not be submitted as renamed by the player. Submit films via e-mail to Magellan for scoring. It is not necessary to type up any results in the submission e-mail, as the results will be collected from the film's postgame stats.

Films must be submitted within 48 hours of when the game was played. If a film is not submitted within this time frame, the game is ineligible and will not be scored.

Any film that is not complete, cut off, displays "OOS," or demonstrates any kind of oddity will be declared ineligible.


If any solo player or team drops in the first two minutes of the game (including planning time), the game is ineligible for scoring and should be dumped. If one solo player or team drops after the first two minutes of the game (including planning time), the game is eligible for scoring and should be played to completion. If two or more solo players or teams drop after the first two minutes of the game (including planning time), the game is not elibigle for scoring and should be dumped. If the game is prematurely forced to end because of a solo player of team dropping, then the game is ineligible for scoring.

When a game will not be scored

Any game that does not follow these rules will be determined ineligible from tournament play and will not be scored. Please pay careful attention to player eligibility, team eligibility, host game settings, and dropping issues.


Any player who is determined to be cheating in this tournament will be booted from Wolfpack. Wolfpack defines cheating very broadly, but uses the bungie.net ranked rules as a guideline.

Any player who shows a pattern of trying to win by manipulating the rules, by leeching off of other players, by trying to stack teams or form unnecessary teams, or by trying to otherwise unfairly accumulate points will be disqualified. If you want to win by these methods try bungie.net ranked. Stay away from us.

Decisions on what constitute cheating will be made by the Wolfpack Leadership Council, and the council's decisions will be final.

Prize fulfillment

The winner of the grand prize will be required to supply the tournament manager with an e-mail indicating the postal address where the prize is to be shipped. This e-mail must be sent to the tournament manager within 30 days of the posting of the final official scores. If the winner cannot manage to supply this e-mail to the tournament manager within the specified time frame, the winner forfeits the grand prize.

The prize will be shipped regular U.S. mail.

Judgments and rulings

In the event an issue is raised that is not addressed by these rules, the issue will be resolved by judgment from a panel of tournament officials. This panel's decisions will be final.