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Willow Creek
Mission date:
 August 18, 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 1 Dwarf
 3 Bowmen
 8 Warriors

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Willow Creek proves a little dwarf can go a long way. With more than 100 ghasts when played on "Legendary" difficulty, this level is a dream for anyone who wants to go postal with a dwarf.

Sir Parson chucks the bottles from his bottomless dwarf knapsack like it was National Recycling Day. The general strategy appears to be Run When Outnumbered, and with the good guys being outnumbered most of the game, there is a lot of running going on.

Watch the range units cover for each other. The dwarf is able time and again to take the extra second to toss just one more, because the archers are sniping at ghasts that get within swatting distance of the short one.

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