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Down a Broken Path
Mission date:
 October 30, 1999

Mission time:
 19:13 (film 1); 17:49 (film 2)

Mission units:
 2 Dwarves
 4 Bowmen
 8 Warriors

Download film 1 (.sit)
Download film 2 (.sit)
After days of failed attempts to face down the pus-weilding ghols in the second half of this mission, Wolfpack receives a bright idea from Sir Parson, who shows up for some games and suggests the team try a different route. Upon crossing the river, the force makes tracks along the banks and sets up in the trees northeast of the fort, instead of the more obvious approach down the path and past the village. Rurik follows, albeit reluctantly, and the result is that the legendary ghol hordes are never triggered.

When the team first tried this strategy, everyone was quite surprised when it worked. Sir Parson and teammates found themselves at the end of the game before they realized it. Kamsar, in fact, was observing most of the game without units in preparation for a "real" attempt. So after the shock of a no casualties victory settled in, the team did it again, with unit divvies from the start of the game. The link to "Film 1" is the surprise win. The link to "Film 2" is the official attempt. Both are no-casualty victories.

The other interesting bit of trivia tied to this level is the use of the term "dorito" in the game chat to describe units that are yellow or red in health. Magellan's use of the term in these films were inspired when his units got injured while he was cramming Doritos™ into his mouth.

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