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Into the Breach
Mission date:
 September 28, 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 3 Dwarves
 7 Bowmen
 20 Warriors
 (distributed in three waves)

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As the campaign continues on ... Magellan, Sir Parson, and Kamsar take the detatchment from Tallow to storm Baron Kildaer's castle. The units are split at the start so that each player gets a chance to score some hits on the early ghols — and vet up right away. Meanwhile, Sir Parson has sent a warrior ahead to retrieve (turn around) the thrall that were marching out of the city gate, apparently back to Tallow.

After dispatching with the forces outside of the "olde city" walls, one of the warriors is sent in to draw the thrall to the dwarves and archers waiting outside ... to reduce their numbers with ease. After this round — the dark arrows advance, and are dispatched with relative ease as they seem fixated on the warriors that are parked just out of range.

The trick to this board — and to maintaining a commitment to keeping everyone alive - is getting Jari in the back door and up the ramp, and then keeping him alive after blowing the winch. (Out at the front drawbridge, the satchel matrix is effective enough to take out all the enemy brigands without too much trouble as they leave the castle on their recon mission.) As Jari fights to stay alive — it is found that by keeping him high up on the wall, the dark bowmen are distracted enough to allow the entire garrison of Cruniac's troops to slip into the cover of the castle's arched entryway. Once there, the dwarves turn to greet whatever thrall may have turned back from Tallow, and half of the warriors slip along the inside wall (under cover of overhangs and the wall itself) to dispatch with the western wall bowmen.

All that is left after cleaving Kildaer's artillary, is to front the dwarves and address the brigands and stygian knights that guard the entrence to the castle. Kam is successful in depleting the Baron's poultry as well, although it is not known whether fowl kills translate to vetting up his archers.

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