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The Baron
Mission date:
 August 19, 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 3 Dwarves
 4 Bowmen
 16 Warriors

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The Baron dies quickly in this corporate takeover of Kildaer Keep. Sir Parson's plan is to quickly trap the Baron, and things go all too well. Instead of the conventional rush to both escape rooms, Sir Parson sends patrols up the middle corridors, and a larger force to only one of the escape rooms. The Baron responds to the troop movement with tentative backpedaling, until finally, he and his bodyguards are trapped in a hallway.

The final headhunt could have happened sooner, but Magellan appears to stand down with his range units to let the captain's dwarf rumble in and make the kill shot. Don't try this at home, folks. Try it in the Baron's castle.

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