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Gonen's Bridge
Mission date:
 November 30, 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 1 Warrior Captain (Garrick)
 1 Dwarf
 4 Bowmen
 8 Warriors
 1 Journeyman

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Gonen's Bridge is unlike many other co-op missions in that there is little room for dawdling.

On this level, the more you wait, the more you become trapped by undead units that seem to slowly close in from all sides.

Magellan and Shaka, following a westerly route originally suggested by Trinity, discover the narrow nexus of luck, timing, and skill.

The keys to surviving this level is using the journeyman to draw pus fire, and to use the archers to put down wights that get too close.

Warriors are used to clean up in melee battles, and generally not to provoke attacks.

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