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Beyond the Cloudspine
Mission date:
 September 25, 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 6 Dwarves
 6 Bowmen
 10 Berserks
 1 Journeyman

Download film (.sit)
Wolfpack finally reaches the world knot high up in the mountain range that divides Muirthemne from the free cities of the west. In what felt like several days of obsessive unimapping, up to 14 different Wolfpack members at various times partook in attempts to complete this mission with no casualties. In the end, Magellan, Trinity (costumed as a fire angel), and Dalron log the final game.

The strategy that unfolds in the film is a fusion of the best ideas that evolved over the course of the week. Of particular note is the use of the journeyman to collect roots, take the pus attacks, and lure wights out of the river. The dwarves are not given major roles until the essential repair job at the end. Instead, the task of fighting past ghols, thrall, and soulless is left primarily to some expert sword-waving and arrow-slinging.

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