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Landing at White Falls
Mission date:
 May 16, 2000

Mission time:

Mission units:
 6 Dwarves
 10 Bowmen
 12 Berserkers
 1 Journeyman

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Everyone knew this mission would be the last of the campaign, mostly because of a 12-minute time limit and the tall orders of fighting an LNC fight that involves storming a heavily armed fort and taking out two cannons.

It's an intimidating combination. But months ago, Zedo had done the mission LNC in single-player mode. As a result, he had some ideas and some confidence for WP's LNC co-op bid.

Wolfpack's strategy takes one of Zedo's single-player strategies and tacks on a tricky end variation developed in earlier attempts with Knight Hawk and Trinity. The plan involves the entire force following an extremely long route, up the beach and to the northern ramp. Keeping to the extreme left of the ramp as they exit the beach, the force manages to avoid engagement with much of the force guarding the front of the fort.

Once on the grassy perimeter, the team splits into two groups. One led by a journeyman draws pus fire from ghols and proceeds to the fort's side entrance. The other force stays outside, clearing the area of thrall and using three berserks to get the attention of a ghol pack up on the fort's north battlement. These ghols are tricked into throwing their pus, which hits some nearby explosives instead of reaching the berserks. This causes an explosion that weakens the tower guard.

Meanwhile on the ground, after the bowmen dispatch of three fetch guarding the side gate, the berserks regroup and rush into the fort's courtyard for a coordinated and simultaneous attack on both cannon towers. The key is to take out the towers at the same time, thus forcing the end of the game and avoiding the task of trying to keep the units alive once they're up on the vulnerable cannon platforms. Ranulf oversees the two berserker teams as they cross the courtyard, and gives the go-command to keep both teams in sync as they head up the ramps. The plan works and despite the heavy opposition from soulless spears and ghol blades, both teams silence their respective towers and the game ends with more than a minute still on the clock.

Of note is the fact that one berserk dies in the post-mission cheering stage after the victory is claimed, underscoring the critical nature of coordinating an attack that will force the end of the game.

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