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Through the Ermine
Mission date:
 January 26, 2000

Mission time:

Mission units:
 2 Dwarves
 6 Bowmen
 8 Berserks
 2 Journeymen

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Wolfpack completes its first LNC game of the Y2K era with its first in-game observer in LNC history. The honored guest is Sir Parson, formerly of Wolfpack, and in fact the founder of the WPLNC campaign. Now part of another order, Sir Parson can't partake in this effort under the campaign rules. But he does get to watch the successful execution of a strategy hammered out from daily attempts over the course of about a week.

The plan, drafted by HELL with an end strategy tacked on by Magellan, requires a lot of traveling for the units — away from the camp fire, down a gulley, back up to the hills around the Bre'Unor shrine, and then down into another gulley to receive the final charge.

The purpose for all the movement is to separate the attack waves and guide them through the map's various geographic choke points, giving range units ample opportunity to reduce the enemy's numbers before it's time for the melee to engage.

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