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With Friends Like These
Mission date:
 March 8, 2000

Mission time:

Mission units:
 6 Bowmen
 12 Berserks

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There are three ways to claim victory on this mission: kill all the Trow, six-flag the Trow, or hold more flags than the Trow by game's end. When the mission begins the plan is to work a six-flag. But plans change when the bad guys don't show up where they're expected.

The crux of this strategy involves setting up shop on the high walled plateau overlooking the southeast flag. Triggering the enemy on the sandy banks below causes them to huddle under the wall as they lock onto the plateau force in vain. Three out of four Trow can be tied up in this way.

But as this mission pans out, it takes a lot of time to get to this point, and the decision is made to wait until inside the final minute of the game to sweep a majority of flags.

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