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Walls of Muirthemne
Mission date:
 August 26, 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 4 Dwarven Mortar Heroes
 4 Trow

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This team makes it through with no losses, but just barely. A pair of trow standing too close together in the final engagement get petrified by repeated blasts from the shade, but they manage to escape death as the other two trow make the final kill.

The key in this level appears to be the skillful "herding" of the myrkridia by the players using the trow. Myrkridia cannot catch up to trow, but they chase them nonetheless. This presents the immensly satisfying situation of trow leading the myrkridia to the mortar dwarves, who proceed to bomb them senseless.

Another tactic which appears to work for this team is the use of trow to draw and cancel cannon fire. When trow press forward ahead of the dwarves, cannon fire tends to bear down on them instead of on the dwarves. Also, later in the game, trow who make it up the ramps can disable cannon fire by standing at the base of the cannon platforms. This allows dwarves to advance without the threat of shelling.

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