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The Ibis Crown
Mission date:
 October 26, 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 3 Dwarves
 4 Bowmen
 6 Berserks
 1 Journeyman

Download film (.sit)
According to legend, the ruins of the Cath Bruig masoleum hail from the dark rampages of the Wolf Age, and now Wolfpack enters the crypt to face the mission of recovering the Ibis Crown lodged inside. There are a number of routes the team could choose, and a direct path is followed, avoiding engagement with ghostly range units where possible, as this makes them vanish.

The key fight takes place after the team teleports into the outer halls of the crown chamber. The team's melee must coordinate a rush on the last two lines of bowmen without suffering any casualties. In the crown chamber, a berserker makes some nice moves to take the sword and do some quick and efficient ghost slaying.

Aside from the smooth teamwork, the other highlight of this film is the telling of the legend of Mordia. Told by Trinity, here dressed as Lina, this story recounts the origins of the name of bungie.net's head admin. It's practically a must for anyone who claims to be a knowledgable member of the Myth II community.

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