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Mission date:
 October 21. 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 3 Dwarven Mortar Heroes
 6 Bowmen
 9 Berserks
 18 Heron Guard
 2 Trow

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Magellan and Knight Hawk, having just lost their Olestra Round Two match 2-1, proceed to try to make things better by completing a WPLNC mission.

They pick Redemption, a perennial Wolfpack favorite, but take on the level with a fresh new strategy.

Knight Hawk suggests the forces stay inside the fortress instead of Wolfpack's usual plan of defending the outer ramps. The two split up and each use a Trow to "herd" invading dark units into hails of mortar fire.

Guess what? It works and Wolfpack finds redemption in short order.

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