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Mission date:
 February 17, 2000

Mission time:

Mission units:
 1 Deceiver (Myrdred)
 2 Dwarves
 6 Bowmen
 8 Heron Guard

Mission converts:
 2 Maul
 8 Myrkridia
 4 Fetch

Download film (.sit)
How long did it take to complete this mission? It took so long that the movie Magellan was running on his other computer, Ghost in the Shell, ended before he and HELL had their units on the last hill facing the final myrkridian giant.

Talk about long games.

Patience is definitely a member of the team in this demonstration of how to exploit triggers and maximize the use of Myrdred's "Binding Dream" ability — the conversion of dark units. By the end of the game, Wolfpack nearly doubles the size of its force after converting at almost every opportunity.

Anyone brave enough to watch the feature film length mission film will see interesting uses of satchels, archer fire, herding, dark conversions, and fetch blasting, all of which contribute to a no-casualty win.

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