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The Summoner
Mission date:
 March 1, 2000

Mission time:

Mission units:
 1 Deceiver (Myrdred)
 3 Dwarves
 6 Bowmen
 8 Heron Guard

Mission Converts:
 6 Myrkridia
 13 Fetch

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Wolfpack more than doubles its mission force by conscripting a large dark army of myrkridia and fetch — 19 converts in all, making the Deceiver the mission's most valuable unit. HELL's slow-but-solid strategy takes advantage of a long list of triggers, lures, and oddities as set forth in the level's scripted actions. It makes for a long game but certainly shows that the captain did plenty of research.

True co-op freaks will enjoy the film's various revelations about the mission AI (artificial intelligence), such as how fetch color corresponds to targeting behavior.

Other highlights include: the Deceiver facing three fetch and converting the whole trio; a wall of 10+ converted fetch driving chain lightning into oncoming myrkridian hordes; and the use of the charged pillars to thwart the Summoner's final guard.

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