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A Murder of Crows
Mission date:
 October 10, 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 4 Dwarves
 5 Bowmen
 14 Berserks
 1 Heron Guard

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Trinity, sporting a screen name du jour, leads Wolfpack out of Soulblighter's prison camp. Some great strategy makes this mission seem like a breeze.

Of particular note is the move to kill the Stygian Knights early in the mission by setting up the dwarves on the outer perimeter of the knights' patrol radius. What this does is give the dwarves free reign to bomb the knights without the fear of being rushed. With the knights gone, the team is able to set up a some backup melee outside the fort, at the southeast corner of the wall, to block any free run of the southeast snitch ghols.

Once the heron guard is freed, it is used to receive pus hits, leaving the rest of the force free to engage in full health.

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