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Limbs, Heads and Smoking Craters
Mission date:
 March 22, 2000

Mission time:

Mission units:
 3 Dwarves
 6 Bowmen
 8 Berserks
 1 Heron Guard

Download film pack (.sit)
Who are these disguised Wolfpack members? It's a secret, much like this secret mission, one of two in the Myth II co-op campaign. Adopting mission tips previously introduced by Sir Parson and HELL (on separate occasions), the wizards of science Lepton and Graviton take on this level with a few moves of their own. For starters, the team employs a side-approach to its engagements with the three patrols at the start of the mission. Later, to dispatch the cadre guarding the satchel cave, the team sets up a swoosh-shaped minefield in the east and draws enemy range units onto it, then takes them out with a pair of well-timed flaming arrows. The next challenge finds the team setting up along the steep edge of the map, forcing ghols armed with live shells to run a gauntlet of grenades, satchels, and arrows.

The ghol charge appears to be the most difficult part of the mission. After it, the team has ample time to collect all the satchels on the map and reassemble them into a huge runway-like minefield that spans nearly the entire length of the northern field. Taking position at one end of the charges, the team sends a single berserker to lure the enemy camp detail into pursuit and onto this minefield. A glorious explosion brings the mission to all but final closure.

Also worth noting is that the team started this mission with a Heron Guard unit, a veteran carry-over from the previous level, "A Murder of Crows." Finishing that level and exiting with the Heron Guard unit via the map's north exit is the only way to attempt this secret level with a unit that can heal others. The LNC film pack for this mission also contains the film of the "Murder of Crows" veteran-gathering mission.

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