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The Wall
Mission date:
 March 13, 2000

Mission time:

Mission units:
 4 Dwarves
 8 Bowmen
 12 Berserks
 8 Heron Guard
 2 Warlocks

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In the days before Wolfpack was an official Myth II order, many a night was spent on Dragon's T3 host hammering away at this co-op mission. Over and over it was attempted. Again and again vows to complete the mission were uttered in chat. Many weeks had passed and Dragon was out of town when Shaka finally discovered the key to victory: getting the units off the dam and taking position on one side of the structure. The move proved inspired. It turned the dam crossing into a huge choke point for nearly half the enemy's complement, instead of serving as the team's typical two-way deathtrap. The strategy was run, and the mission was finally completed.

Now almost a year later, Wolfpack has revisited The Wall with its tougher LNC campaign standards. The mission unfolded using Shaka's original strategy, with a few tweaks here and there to accommodate for the additional enemy units in Legendary difficulty mode and for the no casualty objective.

Some of the film highlights include fast-paced gameplay and surprisingly good team coordination (for two members of the team this was their first LNC attempt of the evening). With opposition bearing down from all sides, the short mission's intensity is compounded by the large team, in fact the largest LNC team to date. Somehow Wolfpack pulls out a little luck and a little skill and the dam gets to see another day.

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