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The Forge
Mission date:
 April 26, 2000

Mission time:

Mission units:
 1 King (Alric)
 3 Dwarves
 8 Bowmen
 12 Heron Guard

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Wolfpack finally claims victory over the mission that for weeks had eluded many near flawless attempts. The long mission, lasting more than an hour, presents a number of challenges. Wolfpack responds with a strategy that relies heavily on using ranged units while not using unit resources. Healing roots and satchel charges are ferociously guarded for times when only absolutely necessary. This results in a plan that relies on minimal melee engagement and the use of dud cocktail bottles whenever possible.

A single bowman assigned to the cave at the start of the mission turns out to be perhaps the unsung hero of the entire plan. Much of the mission strategy hinges on this single bowman's accomplishments. Not only does the bowman dispatch an entire Myrkridia wave from a position of total safety, but he also helps remove the threat of attacking Fetch, confuse Soulblighter's Myrkridian guard, and hold off the entire western half of the final attack that teleports in during the duel between Alric and Soulblighter.

Credit for various ideas that went into the winning strategy must be given to HELL, Magellan, and Kamsar (who captains the mission in disguise).

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