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What is WPLNC?

It began quietly on August 18, 1999, when Sir Parson and Magellan clicked the "Save Film" button after a successful run on Willow Creek, with a no casualties win on Legendary difficulty. They called it WPLNC — Wolfpack Legendary No Casualties — and they vowed it would be the start of something great.

Almost nine months later, on May 16, 2000, it ended with much attention and triumph as Zedo led Ranulf and Magellan on a tight-knuckle LNC victory of Landing at White Falls.

WPLNC started as Wolfpack's self-imposed challenge to prove we had the brains, persistence, and chutzpah as a group to do Myth II with the envelope pushed to the edge. Our expectations were high: set a co-op mission on Legendary difficulty, take on a teammate or eight to make coordination an issue, and remove the sacrificing of units from the list of tactical options. Then try to win.

In the end, WPLNC became a celebration of what makes Myth II a great game.

With our campaign now complete, these WPLNC pages no longer serve the original purpose of keeping track of progress on missions. The mission logs here now stand as an interesting record of how Wolfpack squeezed out as much challenge as possible from the game's co-op levels. They represent some of Wolfpack's brightest moments in Myth II.

With Myth II completed WPLNC, Wolfpack has applied the challenge to other areas of Myth, including Chimera, Myth II third-party plugins, and the original Myth: The Fallen Lords. There is a deep irony in this approach to playing co-op. While WPLNC films display successful completion of missions with no losses, it's probably true in every case that more units had to die per level to finally attain the no casualty film. When you consider how many previous games may have been played and ditched when a single unit was lost, it's easy to see that these films cost dearly.