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Myth Master Challenge, Myth II Division

From myth.bungie.org:

Saturday, May 27th, 2000
    11:00 PM Pacific Time

The Myth Masters' Challenge M2 Division is officially closed!

And the winner is...
The WolfPack!

Three months and twenty-five days ago, on February 2nd, the WolfPack first appeared on Myth Master Central. Philip "Sir Parson" Nolan, a member of the 'Pack, submitted his order's "WPLNC" set of films for the Challenge, a whopping sixteen films submitted at once. This put them into first place in the M2 division, second place overall behind TFL champion Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry - positions which they have retained to this day. Since then we have had regular contact, and their order-leader Magellan even commissioned a special re-run of six particular levels after the completion of WPLNC, just for Mythmaster Central.

Now, one-hundred fifteen days after their first appearance, they have completed our first complete set of films for Myth II: Soulblighter. Twenty-six films, each and every one following at least four of the six bonus Laws, and the almighty Seventh.

They complete this feat with an appropriate film of the eighteenth level of Myth II, "Relic". The film is co-op, though only Magellan plays this one (the others got burnt out after the first fifty tries); it uses no vets, and is on Legendary; and he takes no casualties. For the Seventh law, as if the above wasn't stylish enough, he ends up with twice the units he began with! Would that be negative casualties?