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Factoids and trivia from the campaign

The number of players it took to defeat Soulblighter:
Sixteen members of Wolfpack over 26 missions.

The official time it took to defeat Soulblighter:
Total time from the 26 levels: 12 hours, 24 minutes, 9 seconds if you use Film #1 of Down a Broken Path; 12 hours, 22 minutes, 45 seconds if you use Film #2 of Down a Broken Path. Note these times do not include the countless hours attempting to log these official times.

Good guys employed to defeat Soulblighter:
524 Light units (this assumes all missions are played on Legendary and that you have the Heron Guard that carries over from Murder of Crows to Limbs, Heads, and Smoking Craters).

Bad guys killed in the campaign to defeat Soulblighter:
Um, there's a lot. We're still counting.

Bad guys converted in the campaign to defeat Soulblighter:
37 Dark converts, captured on the levels Relic, The Summoner, and Shiver.

Shortest mission time:
The Baron, 5 minutes, 23 seconds.

Longest mission time:
Relic, 1 hour, 25 minutes, 2 seconds.

Backbone of the Light melee:
Berserks, 133 units over 13 appearances (compared to Warriors, 86 units over 7 appearances).

Most abundant Light unit:
Bowman, 137 assignments over the course of 26 missions.

Most frequent Light unit:
Bowman, appearing in 22 of 26 missions.

Least frequent Light unit:
Dwarven Pathfinder, appearing in only part of one mission, Into the Breach.

Light forces ratio of melee to range (non-heroes, non-unique, and nonspecialized units only):
Almost 3:2 — 291 melee (Warriors, Berserks, Heron Guard, Journeymen) to 199 range (Dwarves, Bowmen, Warlocks).

Largest mission squad:
Redemption, 38 units

Smallest mission squad:
Shiver, 6 units

Three largest mission teams:
The Wall (6), Walls of Muirthemne (5), Stair of Grief (4).

Average mission team size:
About 2.61 players (68 mission players over 26 levels).

More trivia as it gets compiled from our source data.