Tips for Myth Master Challengers

So you wanna join the ranks of Wolfpack's Myth Master team? There's nothing to it. Just make sure you have these tips in mind before you embark. It may save you from journeying down the path of wasted hours from not knowing the rules.

  • Make sure you're a Wolfpack member. If you are not a Wolfpack member, you are welcome to participate in the Myth Master Challenge. Just go to's Myth Master site and participate as part of your own group or as an individual.

  • Make sure you're shooting for four laws in your film. Look over the "Seven Laws of the Myth Master" and pick four of the first six which you think you can do. Your film must observe four laws for it to be worthy of the Myth Master Challenge. (Note the Myth Master web site in various places says a two-law film is sufficient to have mastered a level; in those descriptions they are talking about something else besides the Myth Master Challenge, which requires at least four.)

  • Submit your film to Magellan (click here for e-mail). Do not send your film to the Myth Master web site. Magellan will do that for you after collecting law, time, and screenshots from your film. He needs that information to do the mission profile pages for our web site. In addition, Magellan makes sure the film really does meet the Myth Master Challenge criteria. It would be embarrasing if we sent in a film that was in reality unworthy.

Happy Mything!

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