Welcome to Wolfpack TFL

Currently the only thing here are mission progress pages for WPLNC and bungie.org's Myth Master Challenge. That pretty much sums up our TFL activities.


January 23, 2005
We're pleased to mention that wolfpackgaming.com is one of the first web sites out on the Internet being hosted on a Mac mini!

October 3, 2001
Check out the juicy details of the Wolfpack Oldskool Challenge by clicking here.

October 2, 2001
Win your own copy of Myth III! Zedo is putting together a contest that may just make your day: the Wolfpack Oldskool Challenge. Details forthcoming.

April 15, 2001
Easter Sunday word from the film review officials at bungie.org's Myth Master Challenge indicate that many of our film submissions are unworthy because they either don't show skill or make for entertaining film viewing. Our Myth Master Challenge page has been updated to reflect which films were deemed worthy and accepted, and which were not and must be redone. Let's get cracking and show them we've got what it takes!

April 12, 2001
Today Wolfpack completed the set of Myth TFL films that will be submitted to bungie.org's Myth Master Challenge. The final mission run was on A Long Awaited Party, with Ranulf leading a trigger-happy team that managed to walk away with a four-law film. In honor of the game's Australian host and captain, the date will be recorded according to host time zone, which was April 13.

April 9, 2001
Just a reminder: to get all levels, hold the Shift and Space keys down when you select New Game from the Myth TFL startup screen.

April 6, 2001
Due to an oversight on Magellan's part, three levels have been listed on the WPLNC page even though they do not qualify for the campaign. These three films — of Homecoming, Out of the Barrier, and Shadow of the Mountain — have been removed from the WPLNC list. The films show LNC in co-op mode, but with only one person on each team (WPLNC rules require more than one person on a team). The films still count toward the Myth Master Challenge, and they remain on the Myth Master Challenge page. In addition, the strats are clearly solid, so Wolfpack will just have to revisit those levels with at least two players in game.

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