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Frequently asked questions

Q: When does the tournament end?
A: Gameplay ends Sunday, January 28, 2001, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

Q: What happens when the tournament ends?
A: The tournament will wait for the 48 hours as described in the rules for any final film submissions. No films will be accepted after Tuesday, January 30, 2001, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time.

Shortly after this time, sometime on January 31, the tentative final scores will be posted, along with all films.

Q: What if I want to challenge the results?
A: If you have a really good reason to challenge the results, you may do so. The final scores will be made official on the evening of Friday, February 2, 2001, via a news update to the Wolfpack web site. After this news update, a challenge will not be possible.

Q: How will the winner receive the prize?
A: The overall winner of the tournament will be asked to provide their mailing address. The prize will be mailed to them via U.S. Postal Service.

Q: What if Sir Parson or some other guy who's not in Wolfpack wins the tournament? Are they gonna be named Alpha Wolf?
A: No. Read the rules. The person who wins the overall competition wins the Oni prize. The Wolfpack member with the best overall tournament performance receives the Alpha Wolf title.

If a Wolfpack member wins the whole enchilada, that person walks away with Oni and the Alpha Wolf title.

Q: I'd like to play more tournament games, but whenever I am online no one else is.
A: Remember: friends of Wolfpack and other invitees are eligible participants. Talk to Magellan if you don't understand this concept.

Q: Why is the tournament called MillenniOni?
A: Hmm. It's January 2001, the first month of the new millennium. And Bungie is set to release Oni, its first new software title since Myth II. Um, well ... what kind of reasons do you need to party?

Q: Why are the rules so long and complicated? It's like reading the fine print on a credit card statement or watching the Brother Maynard scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
A: The tournament offers a lot of ways to participate and as a result there's a lot to explain to be complete.

Q: How exactly does the co-op scoring work?
A: Here's an example: SilverBrin and Ar-Isildur try Willow on Timid using only keyboards, winning with eight casualties in 1:44:23 and becoming the leader for that mission. Ranulf and BLOOD GOD come along and do Willow on Normal with two casualties in 32:12, taking the new lead because of increased difficulty. Kamsar and Falcon Manage Willow on Normal with no casualties, taking the lead because of a better loss record. Zedo shows up with a Legendary No Casualties (LNC) film from single player mode, taking the lead because of higher difficulty. Out of nowhere Sir Parson submits a LNC with 42:12 in multiplayer mode, beating Zedo's film because a co-op film with time always beats a co-op film in single-player mode.

Q: Why isn't the tournament open to everyone?
A: Wolfpack has a long history of organizing intraorder and invitational tournaments. Much like our previous efforts, MillenniOni is being run for absolutely no profit or gain with an extremely small staff or one person who has limited time and resources.

Q: I am the Ricky Martin of Myth II and I rock your world. Tr0spek is my mother tongue. ASCII is the literature I emit from my keyboard. I am going to win this thing. Can the grand prize be Fedex'd to me?
A: No.

Q: Isn't 15 points a lot for a co-op win?
A: Our goal, of course, is balance. There's a counter-argument that a co-op win is not valued enough, because point-wise one cooperative win is worth three FFA wins, or five wins as a non-captain member of a team game. No matter which way you look at it, it's not entirely possible to come up with rock-solid logic for scoring netgames and cooperative games in the same pot. But we're going to try. This is how we'll try it with the hope the system can evolve.

Remember, the point of this tournament is friendly gaming, not whoring. You've always got bungie.net ranked if you're looking for the latter.

Q: Why is the grand prize a copy of Oni when this is a Myth II tournament?
A: You already have Myth II, dufus.

Q: Yeah but I already got Oni beta and beat it. I'm awesome.
A: Have you actually been invited to play in this tournament? There were supposed to be special measures taken to keep the likes of you out ...