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Twice Born
Mission date:
 October 27, 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 1 King (Alric)
 3 Dwarves
 8 Bowmen
 8 Berserks
 8 Heron Guard

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Wolfpack reinvents its traditional Twice Born co-op strategy to complete the mission LNC. Instead of following a king that swings blindly, Wolfpack sends Kamsar out with Alric for some deliberate mass-hacking, with intent to injure as many units as possible, as opposed to downing definite kills. This allows the regular force to remain on its shore and face a weak opposition. It also gives good odds that the computer-controlled light allies will be standing in decent numbers after the mission's first wave of myrkridia.

The Wolfpack team regroups at the north enemy shore before Alric meets Soulblighter. This accomplishes two things, both designed to avoid unit casualties. Firstly, it places Alric squarely in between the second myrkridia wave and the team's army. Secondly, it places the north wing of the computer-controlled light allies in between the same myrkridia wave and the team's army. That's a pretty big buffer and it keeps the Wolfpack team at 100% through the heaviest engagement of the mission.

The rest of the mission is smooth sailing, with Alric doing most of the work. He takes two heals throughout the entire mission, and logs most of the kills.

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