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Mission date:
 September 1, 1999

Mission time:

Mission units:
 2 Dwarves
 6 Bowmen
 6 Warriors

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The mission opens with a forecast for bad weather that promises to get better through the day. Unfortunately, Sir Parson neglects to disable fog on his Rave 3D, and this is the most affected Myth II map to have it on. This handicap is further drawn out in that his dwarves pitch empty bottles for the first half of the mission — forcing the renaming of his units. Magellan handles the sharp detail of archers that take no time in vetting up on the ghasts and early brigand patrols.

The long way around the cemetary, through the western swamp, promises the best chance of least resistance, and the escaping peasants (all surnamed Rurik, by the way) have the best head start possible before the brigands sound the alarm.

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